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In 1995, eVALUEator Services, LLC pioneered the moral screening of mutual funds. eVALUEator TM offers the only comprehensive tool for culturally conservative investors to monitor and provide accountability for their mutual fund portfolios.  With the ability to screen over 12,000 mutual funds including fund of funds and variable annuities, financial professionals will have the ability to provide clients an extraordinary and valued service.
Socially responsible investing has proven the effectiveness and need for issues-based investment screening. Culturally concerned investors are sensitive where their investment dollars are ending up in today's $12.2* trillion mutual fund industry. Our tool provides investors the information they need to keep their investment dollars from supporting that which they oppose.
Relatively few companies violate our moral and ethical screening process. For example, there are approximately 10,000 publicly traded companies (including both U.S. and ADRs) which are deemed large enough for prudent investment selection. Out of that universe, only 6.5% violate our moral and ethical screens. That leaves over 93% of the securities' universe from which investment managers and/or individual investors can choose.

Companies being monitored include:

   ● Large Cap Stocks
 ● Small Cap Stocks
 ● Penny Stocks
 ● Private Companies
 ● International Companies (with and without ADRs)
eVALUEator Services maintains a list consisting of five cultural screens and three consumer screens. The criteria used to determine which companies violate our moral screening guidelines is founded on Biblical principles. Although consumer screens may be excluded as violations, eVALUEator feels morally obligated to disclose all five of the cultural screens. Investors, from that point, can choose which screens matter most to them.

Cultural Screens:   Abortion, Pornography, Entertainment, Lifestyles, Rights
Consumer Screens:   Alcohol, Tobacco, Gambling
Clean Alternatives
With eVALUEator and its marketing tools, you can begin broadening your investment management practice today, to include values-based research. You will be able to provide your prospects and clients an evaluation of their current portfolios from both a moral and financial perspective. Having this fresh perspective will help you and your clients create a movement toward corporate change.

The following graphs represent the minimal impact screening has on equities:

Screening Impact

*Trends in Mutual Fund Investing, (June 2012) Investment Company Institute, Washington, DC (www.ici.org)
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