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Bronze, Silver and Gold levels are designed specifically for financial professionals who provide individual investors (natural persons), financial advice.   Advisors and sub-advisors of open end and/or closed end mutual funds and/or unit investment trusts, including persons and entities who are affiliates of or in any way affiliated with mutual funds or unit investment trusts, please refer to the Gold Pro Subscription level.
Gold-pro Gold-pro level is designed specifically for money managers, portfolio managers, or affiliates of a registered investment company.  Subscribers may utilize the data for the purpose of conducting moral screening of individual issues (equities) and mutual funds.  Please call (888) 469-3863 to set up a Gold-pro account.
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  • eVALUEator Services, LLC reserves the right to terminate the trial account offer or terminate trial account access to evalueator.com for any reason, including any violation of eVALUEator's Terms of Use.
  • Violators of the terms set forth above will be prohibited from additional access and subject to possible criminal prosecution.
  • Terms & Conditions for subscribers, which are different from these trial subscription terms and conditions, are available by clicking the link. 
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