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Abortion research identifies companies engaged in manufacturing abortion-inducing medications and birth control methods that prevent implantation of fertilized eggs, insurance companies that provide elective abortion benefits, companies providing financial support to organizations promoting and providing abortions, and companies engaged in biotechnology that includes human cloning and research utilizing fetal tissue harvested after March 2001.
  Manufacturer. There are several methods of birth control (drugs, chemical agents, devices, etc.), which are routinely described as "contraceptives", however, some birth control methods act as "abortifacients", by preventing the fertilized egg from being implanted, or by causing a premature delivery.
  In cloning, an egg (ovum) from a woman is surgically removed from her body and taken to the laboratory where the nucleus is removed. A body cell (somatic cell) is removed from the body, commonly skin cells, and its nucleus is inserted in the “empty” egg. The cell then develops into a cloned embryo.
Fetal Tissue
  Scientific experimentation performed upon or using tissue taken from human fetuses after March 2001, per the George W. Bush Human Embryonic Stem Cell (hESC) policy, and where the embryo is destroyed during stem cell harvesting. A human embryo is the earliest stage of human life. Ironically, adult stem cells have been successful in treating and curing 65 human diseases, while embryonic stem cells have not cured a single one. Adult stem cells are obtained from body tissues such as bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, fat cells, etc., and do not destroy life. hESC lines adhering the 7Jun2019 federal fetal tissue policy retains the current ban on federal support for creating or destroying embryos, and reaffirms the current prohibition against cloning (SCNT), are deemed not to destroy life. Under the new 2019 policy, employees at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will no longer conduct research with human fetal tissue obtained from elective abortions, after using up any material they have on hand.
  As part of their list of services, this hospital has chosen to perform abortions for profit.
  Fetal Tissue disposal, (fetal tissue from abortion clinics) recycled, or used for fuel in waste-to-energy plants.
  Providing charitable aid or donations to non-profit organizations which include foundations that pay for abortions, provide emergency contraception pills, birth control pills and/or pursue "reproductive freedom", like Planned Parenthood, to everyone, regardless of age.
  Uses one or more methods to promote the Pro-Choice agenda. This may include advertisements or marketing campaigns.

Abusive use of alcohol, a known cause of broken homes and abuse, is a family values issue. Alcohol research identifies brewers, distillers, microbrewers, winemakers, and dedicated retail liquor stores.
  Produces and/or markets beer and beer-related beverages.
  Produces, markets, and/or imports distilled liquors.
  Distributes beer, wine and/or distilled liquor.
  Manufacturers whose principal product lines are designed exclusively for and used solely in the packaging of alcoholic beverages.
  Owns or operates a microbrewery (a small brewery) or brewpub.
  Owns wine or liquor store(s) in which the sale of alcoholic beverages is the primary model for revenue, with sales of other products generating income that is ancillary in the model.
  Produces, markets, and/or distributes wine and wine-related beverages.

Entertainment research is a second family values issue. This screen identifies companies engaged in the promotion of violence, vile language, graphic sex and drug abuse through advertisements, film, television, radio, games, “adult” establishments and retail stores, publications, and Internet access.
  Sponsors contribute to the culture of television, either positively or negatively by choosing which programs they support with their advertising dollars. In choosing to spend money on some of the most egregious content on broadcast television, they are supporting shows containing sexually graphic, violent or profane material and ultimately undermine the positive values parents are trying to instill in their young ones.
  Produces or distributes audio books, audio files, music, or talk radio shows that are excessively violent, glorify Satanic activity, the use of drugs and alcohol or are profane.
  Produces motion pictures, miniseries, sitcoms, other types of programming, or commercials containing sexually graphic, violent, profane, or demonic material.
  Publishes physical games and/or computer/video games that are sometimes considered controversial, due to the depiction of graphic violence, sexual themes, adver-gaming (a form of advertising in games), simulated gambling, consumption of drugs, consumption of alcohol or tobacco, profanity, propaganda (including same sex encounters), satanic, witchcraft, or anti-Christian themes.
  Provides easy access to websites containing content unsuitable for all ages. This includes alcohol-related websites, social networking sites (can open the door to pedophiles), the broadcasting of new and/or old movies, miniseries, or other types of programming containing sexually graphic, violent, profane, or anti-God material.
  Provides telephone or mobile phone software that contains graphic violence, sexual themes, adver-gaming (a form of advertising in games), simulated gambling, consumption of drugs, consumption of alcohol or tobacco, profanity, or propaganda (including same sex encounters).
  Publishes books or magazines, or designed advertisements or marketing campaigns containing sexual themes, graphic violence, consumption of drugs or alcohol, profanity, or Anti-Christian propaganda.
  Owns or operates one or more stores, either from a physical location or from the internet. These stores sell or rent products that are violent, profane, or sexually graphic, such as tee shirts, games, books, novelty items, music and videos.
  Distributes anti-family programming through cable, pay-per-view (PPV) or video-on-demand channels.
  Distributes anti-family programming through a motion picture exhibition facility.

Gambling research seeks to embrace the concept that all belongs to our Creator, and because of the financial devastation gambling can cause, it is also a family values issue. This screen identifies gambling related activities and facilities, including equipment manufacturers, casinos, riverboats, cruise lines, racetrack gaming, and gaming software.
  Gaming machine manufacturer or supplier, which may include but is not limited to casino gaming machines, progressive payout machines, lottery systems, instant win lottery tickets, gaming software for mobile phones, gaming software systems, as well as multi-player game software or terminal systems.
  Owns and/or operates gaming facilities, or leases property to gaming operators with operations that may include casino hotels, dockside and riverboat casinos, cruise lines, horse racing tracks, dog racing tracks, or Native American gaming establishments.
  Operator of a gaming web site featuring poker, casino games, bingo, sports betting, etc.
  Provides telephone or mobile phone gaming opportunities.
  Provides services for the gaming industry including gaming development, licenses, software, installation, maintenance, cash solutions, management services, consulting services including technical, training, and project management for casinos in development.
  Distributes interactive gaming television channel on satellite or cable TV.

Lifestyle research seeks to embrace the sanctity of marriage and holiness of sexual relationships. This screen identifies companies actively engaged in the promotion of lifestyles contrary to biblical beliefs, including promiscuous, adulterous, and homosexual lifestyles. We believe all persons deserve to be treated with dignity and without discrimination. The present, nearly volatile environment makes the LGBTQ lifestyle the most difficult of the prongs being visited, and the following brief description is in order. In view of the effort for the appearance of universal endorsement, we give no credibility to being included on lists such as “best places to work” and HRC endorsements. We are careful to identify activities as corporate policy-induced. Unless written in a corporate handbook, corporate policy is difficult to determine. eVALUEator has determined that five (5) activities or sponsorships within any twelve (12) month period is indicative of corporate policy, and results in a company being placed on the list of violating companies.
  Manufactures products/pharmaceuticals used for sexual reassignment procedures and/or hormone replacement therapies that alter genital and other physical characteristics. Some transsexual people opt for reassignment surgery to align their physical sexual characteristics with their emotional and psychological identity.
  Owns or operates one or more nightclubs, bars or businesses that encourage, promote, or cater to gay and/or lesbian clientele.
  Supports federal legislation that affects the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.
  Providing charitable aid or donations to non-profit organizations that include foundations actively pursuing and advancing the alternative lifestyle movement.
  Uses one or more methods to promote gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, or questioning lifestyles (LGBTQ). This may include advertisements or marketing campaigns targeted to those who choose alternative lifestyles, proudly display or boast being "gay-friendly", and/or provide resources for the advancement of LGBTQ groups (meeting places, materials, etc).
  Has formed a business relationship with LGBTQ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, and/or questioning) organization(s) or events. In an attempt to gain marketing and community relations opportunities, money, products or services are exchanged for corporate recognition for their involvement.

Pornography research seeks to preserve human decency and modesty. This screen identifies companies engaged in the promotion of adult themes through advertisements, film, radio, games, establishments, retail store displays, publications and Internet.
  Communicates to potential customers about their products and/or services by placing advertisements in adult content magazines, cable networks and/or internet sites.
  Produces or distributes audio books, audio files, music, or talk radio shows that are sexually explicit.
  Owns or operates one or more nightclubs or bars that offer striptease (the erotic removal of a performer's clothing) and/or other related services such as lap dances.
  Produces soft-core or hardcore pornographic movies, miniseries, other types of programming, or commercials with the purpose of promoting sexual arousal in the viewer, often featuring depictions of nudity and sexual activity.
  Publishes computer and/or video games that contain graphic sex or nudity.
  Distributes soft-core or hardcore pornography by means of the internet through free or subscription-based websites.
  Examples Include: Adult Entertainment expo exhibitor. Investment technology developer of platforms specifically designed to fund adult entertainment industry businesses.
  Provides telephone or mobile phone software that contains graphic sex or nudity.
  Publishes books or magazines, or designed advertisements or marketing campaigns containing content of a sexual nature.
  Sells pornographic material, or owns or operates one or more sex shops (erotic shops), either from a physical store front location or from the internet. These retail stores sell or rent products such as sex toys, pornographic/erotic videos, books, or magazines, or items used in the practice of sadomasochism, or exploitative sexual deviancy, or display images of erotic lingerie.
  Distributes pornographic films through cable, pay-per-view (PPV) or video-on-demand channels.

Rights research identifies and evaluates companies which operate under a regime or country that violates certain basic human rights, which are defined as freedoms established by international agreements that impose standards of conduct on all nations. Some specific human rights included in this screen include, but are not necessarily limited to, Christian persecution and discrimination, countries providing support to terrorist organizations and terrorist regimes, and countries that do not actively prohibit and prosecute adult and child labor violations.
Arming Terrorists
  Supplies military equipment, weapons and/or technology of war to terrorist sponsoring nations.
  Un-mandated labor rights or workers' rights; where there are no labor relations between workers and their employers. This includes child/forced labor, no independent unions and impoverished migrant laborers.
  Conducts business in countries where there are known human rights violations because of persecution or severe discrimination against Christians.
  Conducts business with terrorist sponsoring nations.

Tobacco and marijuana, both scientifically proven causes of lung diseases, cancer, and numerous other diseases, are a family values issue. This screen identifies companies engaged in tobacco and recreational cannabis production and distribution.
  Produces, processes, and/or markets cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless tobacco products such as vape, snuff and dip.
  Markets and/or distributes leaf tobacco.
  Owns a tobacco store selling primarily cigars and related tobacco products.
  Because the use of cannabis is in violation of federal law, eVALUEator has included the production, distribution and sale of cannabis for recreational use as a screened element in our research. If the federal government relaxes or repeals the prohibition of cannabis, eVALUEator will revisit the issue. State authorized use for medicinal purposes only is not being screened.

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